six blogs into one, a blog re-vamp

For a long time I have been thinking about the usability of my blogs. I had six blogs which covered different disciplines. This meant very unwieldy blog maintenance – if I wanted to keep them of uniform appearance – and a scattered audience who had to find and click several links to see all my content.

So after due consideration and a little encouragement from my sister in law, who has a common sense, non-geek view on websites, I decided to take the plunge and roll my entire emporium into one. This is the result.

Only the latest post shows on the front page. At the right you see a much less cluttered pair of side bars. One is post related, showing previous posts, a search bar and the legal stuff. The other is more promotional in nature.

To find all the posts – well over 700 of them – you can click the menu bar on top which has them categorized. So “Thoughts on films” will show you what I have written on films, while “News” will show you more general tdaonp news items – like this post.

I hope this re-vamp has made the usability of my content a lot easier and less of a chore to find. Enjoy all the content, which as always, is totally free to read and watch.

Kind regards,