Index of a writing week #50

Back from my holidays (for two weeks now) and back to writing. It has been a couple of weeks in which I found it hard to concentrate. Something is bugging me. Literally: I have the distinct feeling that a bug is sapping my energy. If only it would either take over completely for a few days and make me real sick and then bugger off or leave me alone altogether. I hate this half sick, half well feeling.

But on to more important things: the writing. I concentrated what energy I had on the blog so this blog saw little action. Don’t worry it will be picked up again. I did start a new short story so that should be up here soon. I also concentrated the meagre remains of energy on trying to find paying jobs like translation or redaction or writing gigs. There are some things in the pipeline but nothing concrete I am sad to say. The bridge and the brown paper bag wrapped bottle of hootch are still closer than the mansion and the Rolls.

Further more I wrote another book review on the site which means I finished reading another book. It’s in the list below.

So without further ado, here’s this week’s index:

That’s it for this week. Back next week with another list of articles for you to read. Take care,

– Henk